Chetan Bhagat- The Rise and The Fall

  My first encounter with Chetan Bhagat’s writings was in mid 2006 when I accidentally found “One Night @ The Call Centre” in one of my friend’s room. At that time, I did not know who Chetan Bhagat was, his illustrative IIT & IIM background and the fact that this was his second book. IContinue reading “Chetan Bhagat- The Rise and The Fall”

Come on India–Let’s Football

India’s population- 125 crores. FIFA World rank- 158 Iceland population- 300,000. FIFA World Rank- 34 Yes, that is the difference between the quality of the game in two countries. Our country does not have 11 players who can compete at World Stage. Iceland (and many other African and Caribbean countries) is a force to reckon with,Continue reading “Come on India–Let’s Football”

Cricket and StarSports- What Else Would One Want?

One school of thought says that every game for Indian cricket team is a home game; such is the following and passion and love for the game globally. If there is one thing you just cannot separate from India, it is cricket. Although the list also includes the foods, the festivals, the culture and theContinue reading “Cricket and StarSports- What Else Would One Want?”

Strange Random Rambling..Stay Away from It

My hands were itching. I was having that restless urge. My fingers went to the keyboard many a times but after a few seconds; I realize it was a false start. And I came back to where I was- to square one. But I bloody needed to write. If you are wondering what I amContinue reading “Strange Random Rambling..Stay Away from It”

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