Why Sports is Important for You and Your Kids?

US Open 2018 Quarter Final Rafael Nadal, 32 years old, world’s best player (right up there with Roger Federar and Novak Djokovic), clay court King and almost a legend. Vs Dominic Thiem, 25 years old Austrian who had troubled Nadal more than anyone in recent memory. The first set ended 6-0. And not in Nadal’sContinue reading “Why Sports is Important for You and Your Kids?”

The Subtle and Cruel Reminders

Nothing to do with the post but it is funny.  Around three years ago, I wrote about how proud I was being a sportsperson. Keeping in touch with regular games- cricket, football or badminton; it used to be a good feeling. I was playing, running around, and having moments of ecstasy and joy with myselfContinue reading “The Subtle and Cruel Reminders”

An Open Letter to Arnab Goswami

Let us laugh at Arnab Dear Arnab, I want to start this letter with some pleasantries and good will but it is hard to write (or talk) in that way when you know that the person you are addressing is a freaking nincompoop. So, I’ll rephrase it. Let us start all over again. *cracked knuckles*Continue reading “An Open Letter to Arnab Goswami”

Society- Why So Serious?

Ever heard of Hindu Mahasabha before they announced that they are gearing up for couples’ Valentine’s Day celebrations and would get them married forcibly? Probably not. Actually these people are so busy in saving and preserving the Indian tradition that they prefer to keep a low profile. Such low profile that even when brutal gangContinue reading “Society- Why So Serious?”

Chetan Bhagat- The Rise and The Fall

  My first encounter with Chetan Bhagat’s writings was in mid 2006 when I accidentally found “One Night @ The Call Centre” in one of my friend’s room. At that time, I did not know who Chetan Bhagat was, his illustrative IIT & IIM background and the fact that this was his second book. IContinue reading “Chetan Bhagat- The Rise and The Fall”

Come on India–Let’s Football

India’s population- 125 crores. FIFA World rank- 158 Iceland population- 300,000. FIFA World Rank- 34 Yes, that is the difference between the quality of the game in two countries. Our country does not have 11 players who can compete at World Stage. Iceland (and many other African and Caribbean countries) is a force to reckon with,Continue reading “Come on India–Let’s Football”

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