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lets start

In last one and a half year, I have gone through a lot of things. And not only in one aspect of my life, but I have seen changes in me and my world when it comes to the relationships, feelings, emotions, professional side, my hobbies, interests, passion, friends, family (that covers pretty much everything). I have countless good memories in this period but somewhere in between, there are some bad patches which I can’t remove now. Call them regrets.

And it was the bad phases that affected me a lot. I believed that if you count every single guy on this planet earth, I would be surely above the average line. Yes, I am sometimes rude and I am selfish but I valued people and I respect them. The bad times changed my way of thinking and how I look at myself and now, to very true to myself, I don’t feel those good things all the time.

As I said, I got to know myself more in last 18 months; one thing that I realized was that I am in love with writing. I have written many articles on various sites and the topics which I covered were mostly related to football and the passion of my life, Arsenal Football Club. So, this writing part and sharing some parts and experiences of my life made me start this blog.

Also, I am an introvert. It takes time for me to connect with people around me and tell them everything about my life. But when it comes to writing, it is easy for me to say things and share them as and when they happened.

I feel that with the help of this blog, I would be able to make an honest attempt of ensuring what I really want from life. Your comments on this blog will surely help. Be around and keep in touch.

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