Let Us "Leave" It

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So, a boss of mine has bagged one of the best postings of his life. He is being transferred to Nassau, Bahamas. Yeah, the same Bahamas in the Caribbean which is one of the most exotic locations of the world. The sea beaches with endless, indefinable boundaries. Palm trees alongside the coast line and people with jolliest of nature- always smiling, dancing, celebrating, and partying. Add to it the beauties of every genre from all around the world in the skimpiest of outfits (or none) round the year. But I will try not to go much ‘deeper’ into it. He is married, so this plus does not hold that big an advantage for him.

So, he told me that he got a call from the CEO of that office asking him to schedule his arrival in Nassau come before Christmas as that is the time when this island is at its best. The best of crowd come there to celebrate Christmas. Chances are you might find a celebrity wishing you Merry Xmas around the corner. Anything better? I doubt it.

When I think about my own country, I sometimes do not understand whether this diversification in our society is a boon or bane. Our offices celebrate almost the every big festival of every community so that the balance in the society is maintained and people do not end up eating each other. The big, colourful land which we advertise in every advertisement to woo those European couples who are unsure whether to go to Thailand or !ncredible India, sometimes work against us.

Fair enough, you cannot single out big festivals in India. For Hindus, it is Holi and Diwali and to an extent, Shivratri and Janmashtmi, for Muslims, these are Eid. Sikhs celebrate Baisakhi and Jain believes in Mahavir Jayanti. In the same way, the list goes on. So asking for 3 days off on Diwali and ignoring others is not the right way and in a land like India, where political pressure is so much on the ruling government; you know it’s not easy.

I am working in a bank in Delhi and the national capital has the least number of declared holidays. Only one day off on Holi and Diwali and many other days that are celebrated throughout the length and breadth are not listed here. The reason is- the work should not be disrupted. So, I will be reaching my home on the very day of Diwali. Not a very pretty situation if you are a holiday lover.

In near future, I don’t see the scenario changing a lot. In India, the decisions don’t just depend on the people whom they will affect. It has to go through the approvals of those who really do not care what is happening in our lives and it will affect them in no way. They are in any case, on holidays throughout the year.

We will keep craving for those long holidays for which we are entitled for. May be, one day, we will be compensated enough for giving our all to our organisations. One day, may be, the HR people will really think they are in HR department and their job is to manage people and not just working zombies. One day, may be………

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