Age is Not Maturity

age and maturity

We just celebrated Children’s Day three days back. Well, not all of us, but schools and the children in there have a very valid reason to celebrate this occasion. I remember how it used to be in my school. We were given respite from the day’s study. There were no regular periods. Instead, the teachers used to perform few acts and skits for their pupils. Then back in class, the seats were arranged in a circle and everyone shared their ‘special’ lunch that day. I agree, back then, it was fun.

Now, as I look back on those days and then I revert back to my current life; I have felt many times I should not have left the school. But in due course, I cleared my +2 and was thrown out of school and into the college. It was kind of sad. As I realized how I can have maximum fun at school and should stay longer, my teachers knew what was in my mind and they cleared me.

I still find it funny. I mean I should be the one to decide when I should leave the school. When I cleared my +2, I wasn’t mature a bit (those who know me will surely say I am not mature till date, which is, up to an extent, true). I knew nothing about life, career and most importantly, this world. What will be the kind of people I will be meeting, interacting and living with in hostel was unknown to me. So, how can my teachers, my parents, my elders decide on the basis of my marks in subjects like English, Hindi & Maths that I am good enough to be unleashed in the society.

Strange system we have. The thing is that not everyone is matured enough when it’s time to leave the school. Like in Boards exam, there should be a maturity examination that assesses the maturity index on a certain scale that specifies whether the child has learned enough about the world and how he has to deal with people in different real life situations. If he fails in this one, he has to be taught certain things and then should be ousted from school.

Way back then, if I would have appeared for this examination, I am sure I would have failed. Even today, I will barely pass. But what I gathered in seven years after leaving school, going through college and then job, all away from the comfort of home, if even a quarter of it would have been with me when I joined college, I can guarantee I would have been a very different person from what I am today.

So, next time you are asked to leave school for newer pastures, tell them you are not ready. Tell them you want to get that sanity, that spirit that will help you survive in the world. Remember, our elders will always shake their head for this; the very well know why you are keen on staying here. But be stubborn and that could very well be a good decision for you.

2 thoughts on “Age is Not Maturity

  1. Hmmm..well thought out and an extremely interesting take on the school farewell. And remember maturity is relative and differs from people to people. When you leave school consciously/unconsciously you have imbibed a lot and when you go out there you discover for yourself which lessons you want to practise where…and that my friend makes you mature through your self discovery. A great job!!


  2. Thanks for the feedback Kamalika. I agree that self discovery make a person mature enough, sometimes, its good to have certain values and mannerisms which will be helpful in the outside world. Only if we can be proactive than reactive.


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