The Reasons I Hate Beard

hate shaving

Coming from a guy, this might sound strange to read but it is true. I never appreciated the beard on my face. One reason is that it never looked good on my face but there are bigger reasons behind that.

My first hatred started from the day when I realized that this is one thing I will have to on my own, regularly. Although I am lucky enough that I can go to office without shaving and without looking awkward for three days; the fact that on 4th day, I will have to pick up the razor annoys me. I am a lazy guy, very lazy guy and standing in front of the mirror for 10 minutes twice a week is a big task for me. I never spent this much time even when I have to get ready for a movie with my friends. For shaving, it always looked like an hour.

The second reason for being averse to this shaving habit was my father. When I started shaving at home, he freaked me out about how to use the razor. “Be careful while using the razor; keep it entirely straight. If you bend it a little, you might cut your cheeks”- this made me so uncomfortable that I started hating shaving and made it a habit going to the barber for the same.

And the third reason (very absurd, mind you) are winters. Imagining splashing cold water on your face to apply the cream to form lather- I don’t exaggerate but in this Delhi winters; I still get a shiver. Sometimes, I have wished for a face that grows no beard. There was a guy in college who was that lucky. I never saw any beard on his face. Lucky chap.

To avoid shaving, I even tried growing beard and tested various styles. Unfortunately, on my face, nothing stabilized. For one day, I would look superb; then the things would return to normal. The clean areas start getting populated and before you know, it was time to pick razor again.

Now that I have celebrated my silver jubilee; I still feel if God would have spared me the facial hair part. My girlfriend is also not supportive of it for obvious reasons. And I feel, a clean shaven face should become a mandatory norm. The female section of the society deserves to be heard and ‘no stubble’ campaign should be promoted more furiously.

Girls, come out. Shout in a manner you shout when the mascara on the face exceeds by a whisker. Kick the hell out of your boyfriends which you do in a shop when you don’t find the matching earrings as of the colour of the suit. Avoid getting close to your guy like you avoid Rasgulle and Samose when your weight increase 50 gms and you feel it’s time for dieting.

You will be the ultimate beneficiary of the campaign. So, why not prioritize it?

Disclaimer- The views in the above post are for the purpose of the contest at Blogadda and are entirely personal. I have nothing against stubble or something of that sort. It’s matter of one’s own choice and his decision should be respected.

This post is a part of the ‘Shave or Crave’ movement in association with

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