The Time is Now!!

the time is now

An year ago, my brother was on the phone with his girlfriend. Things were heating up between them and I could sense that something is wrong. From what could I make out from their conversation was she was complaining that my brother does not have time for her (well, every girl says so) and he never listen to her. He was getting irritated and was, obviously, not interested in her rants. Then suddenly out of the blue, he said two very beautiful lines and that was the end of conversation for me.

kabhi waqt mila toh teri julfon ko suljha lunga

Aj uljha hun jara waqt ko suljhane me

Well, that was that. I will come to its literal meaning later. They talked for a little longer and the things got pacified. It worked. I am damn sure that these were not his lines but the timing of it was impeccable. He said it at the most right moment. And if you are wondering what the current status of their relationship is, well they just had a mutual breakup. Inevitable it was. But trust me; I swear I have no clue whether it was related to these lines.

Coming back to the sher, I heard it first time. The literal meaning that I made out considering the context in which it was used was- “In our fast pace lives, we do not have time for each other. We are very busy in thinking about own problems that we have left the others without knowing that they need us too.”

I do not think anybody of us will argue with this. We all have been so very busy in ourselves that it has become very hard to pay attention to the lives of our near and dear ones. And it is just not the girlfriend/ boyfriend issue. Even our families, friends and relatives are craving for some of our precious time which we just do not seems to have. The life is going in the wrong direction guys. All we are thinking about is my job, my family, my tension and my life.

It is time to spend some time with those whom we love and cherish. It is good to think about yourself and ponder on where is your life is going. It is good to pursue your hobbies and remain fresh. But if that is being done at the cost of those who need us, we better watch our steps. Life is nothing without being loved and if you are alone, you can never be happier than those who have people around them.

We need to think about this. The TIME is now to think about them. Yes, those who love us and care for us. The time is now to listen what they have to say to us, the time is now to see the smile on their face when they are with us, and the time is now to celebrate those small moments which are more important than getting promoted.

The time is now guys and you have to make it count. You never know when this clock stops ticking.

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