Men Will Be Men

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You might have seen an advertisement, promoting a liquor brand IMPERIAL BLUE. Well I am not going to promote anything, neither the ad nor the product for consumption. The only reason I mentioned this is the punch line of the advertisement that says MEN WILL BE MEN. That actually made me wonder if men can only be men and only women have the power to change sex. Well let’s leave the topic there and you can find answers to that.

In the last GD/PI session I attended (just to tell you that I am up for the task as there are interviews lined up), one girl raised the topic to debate – men vs. women, are women inferior to men!

The moment she said this, I thought, oh my god that obsolete GD topic, is it still debatable and do people still have doubts.

Now all those who have just formed an opinion, may hold on for a second. I have some serious things to say. The very fact this topic was raised by a girl diminishes the arguable quotient of the topic. For all those girls who may read this post, I will like to mention that in almost all cases that this topic is raised, it is you girls who are doubtful. And it is you who feel the need to clarify this to boys. We never say you are inferior, you feel so. And please get rid of this feeling.

As of me I think that most of you will agree with me if I say, it is impossible to compare two completely different entities. We should not be comparing a bird with a tiger.

MAN and WOMAN have different physical characteristics and different intellectual calibre. It is completely unfair to compare a person with breast to a person without it, a person who delivers to another person who does not.

And to all those girls who keep shouting in debates that they are equal, my message to you is – either don’t enjoy the benefits of being a girl or just don’t compare yourself to boys. The fact that this article is written by a boy should not make you think that I am biased. I am simply stating facts.

Girls don’t stand against the women quota that they enjoy during admissions into college/universities, nor do they keep standing near a seat in the metro trains that says “reserved for ladies”. Also never will they stop saying “this guy does not have manners how to talk to girls”. My question is why anyone needs special manners to talk to girls. Are we boys and girl not equal? Or does “GIRLS ARE EQUAL TO BOYS” tag come with a *, saying conditions apply.

I’ll keep citing examples and ask girls, why they think the Indian defence strategists thought it is better not to recruit females in the army. Why do you think a women tennis game finishes up in three sets and men tennis match goes up to five. Ever thought that! I’ll tell you why. The reason is that girls are physically weaker. Now that does not mean girls are inferior. That is just an attribute.

On the other hand, if women think they are as bad in industries, it’s not the case. When it comes to management and executive positions, or heading educational institutions, women may be far ahead of men. So mental abilities can be compared if you actually want to.

And please don’t claim yourself to be better now. I just explained why not to compare. Now there also may be reasons why earning females were happy enjoying a 20,000 more tax exemption till now. But no volunteers for saying yes to that.

I hope I have conveyed something to you all. And hope you don’t measure men and women on the same scale again.

PS: please don’t compare someone, who lactates, to someone else, who ejaculates.

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