The Liebster Awards

liebster awards

Sometimes, things happen that make you happy. It is not just literal happiness but the joy that can be more effective than thought initially. And one of these kinds of happiness has been bestowed upon by me by Supreet Kini of BlazingCannons, one of those Arsenal blogs which I read very regularly (although Supreet is updating his blog rarely these days).

He has nominated me for Leibster awards. These awards are given to bloggers with less than 200 followers and I am a perfect candidate for this as instead of 200 followers, I have managed to garner 200 views the last week. I thank Supreet for finding me good enough to be an eligible applicant of this award. So, I will now move ahead with the rules of the award.

1. Thank the blogger who has nominated you (thanks a ton, Supreet).

2. List 11 random facts about yourself.

3. Answer the questions the blogger has asked you in the post you have been nominated.

4. Nominate 11 new bloggers.

5. Ask the 11 nominees 11 random questions.

6. Let them know you have nominated them.

So, before I move forward. I like to say that I was nominated for my Arsenal blog which you can read here. But as I know very few people in this niche to nominate, I chose this blog to publish this post. Here I go.

11 Random facts

1. Apart from following Arsenal, I am a banker after graduating as a computer science engineer.

2. I belong to Dehradun, a beautiful city in north India and presently living in Indian capital New Delhi.

3. I am not a big foodie but is in love with almost every kind of non vegetarian food- chicken, mutton, fish, crab, prawn, beef.

4. I have written a lot over last few years on various blogs. I am also running Arsenal blog at Gunners Godown. Feel free to drop by.

5. I started following Arsenal in 2004 but due to college, could not watch matches. But since 2009, I have been religiously watching Arsenal, feeling Arsenal and living Arsenal.

6. I have an Arsenal tattoo on my right forearm that shows the Arsenal logo with the cannon and “Gooner” written beneath it.

7. I like to travel and have covered most of North India. Would love to go to Switzerland and Australia in my life time.

8. I bought my first Arsenal jersey in July 2012. The emotions after wearing that got over me and I ended up writing this post at SportsKeeda.

9. Two things that I would definitely like to do at any cost- drive around whole of India in a car myself and visit the Emirates to see the heaven where my heroes play.

10. I hate Manchester United more than the Spurs and will love to see the dickheads lose every damn match.

11. I want to get fame. Dying without making a name of myself will be an injustice to the life sweet Lord has given to me. I won’t lie- all my blogs have been a step towards this endeavour of being famous, being known.

Answer to the questions.

Q1. Arsene Wenger or Alex Ferguson? And why?

1. Arsene Wenger. I just can’t stand Ferguson or Manchester United.


Q2. Which player would you take back at Arsenal? Fabregas, Adebayor, Nasri, Clichy, van Persie, Toure?

2. Tough one but I’ll go for Toure. We need solidity at the back. The Ivorian would have provided that.


Q3. A multi million pound job or being paid peanuts to be the boot cleaner at Arsenal (which means access to watch all games)? Which job would you take?

3. Obviously, fucking boot cleaner. Watching Arsenal play every time at Emirates, none betters that.


Q4. If you had all the weapons of the world at your disposal, how exactly would you utilize your new ammunition?

4. I will get rid of all the Manchester United fans that don’t understand a bit about football but are celebrating trophies.


Q5. The hottest female who walked the earth, from your point of view?

5. Salma Hayek and Monica Bellucci- I just can’t differentiate between the two. For the Indian females, it is Lara Dutta. I like dusky beauties- do I need to say more?


Q6. One thing that you regret not having done?

6. Too personal. Sad smile


Q7. You are Jens Lehmann. Champions League Final 2006. Samuel Etoó breaks free and is approaching. Would you a) Stick to your lines, stay safe and hope he miskicks or you pull of a wondrous save. b) Do what he did, foul him and get a red card. c) Do what he did, foul him, get a red card and punch the referee right in the middle of his face.

7. I will stay back and will wait for him to take a shot. He is under that much pressure like I am having. You never know, a lot could have happened.


Q8. Your favorite Arsenal moment/game? And your worst one as well?

8. Favorite Arsenal match- 2-1 victory against Barcelona in 2011. I almost cried. The worst has been the worst- the defeat by Bradford in this year’s Capital One Cup.


Q9. If you were to be assigned with random superpowers, what three would you ask for?

9. a) To be anywhere I want to be.

b) My imaginative stories come true.

c) Constant supply of funds so that I can travel the world.


Q10. If you weren’t an Arsenal supporter, which club would you choose?

10. At that moment, I do not know. Today, ironically, it is Tottenham Hostpur (you read that right, people).


Q11. Are you a pro-Wenger or anti-Wenger? If anti, why?

11. I was an anti- Wenger and you can read it here. But now I believe in his philosophies as I have learn to understand his ways and have belief what the Professor’s ultimate dream is- telling the world that Money does not buy trophies.

My Nominations

1. Novel Ideas!

2. From the Poet’s Heart

3. Direct Dil Se

4. Reviews & Musings

5. My Spell

6. The Incredibility is Back

7. Nibedita’s Blog

8. The Humorous Angle

9. Mashed Musings

10. Who Cares What I Think?



My questions to the nominated bloggers

1. Why did you start blogging?

2. You are getting an all expenses paid trip for two to a place of your choice? Where will it be and with whom?

3. Dog or cat? And why?

4. Half a million dollars for slogging for 6 months year or a week’s peace on the beaches of Bahamas?

5. What is your deepest fear?

6. How did you propose your girl/guy? Or how you plan to do so?

7. One ‘Ctrl + Z’ moment of your life? Something you want to undo if you had a choice?

8. Who is the most ‘marriage-able’ celebrity?

9. One thing that can take you to the ultimate heights of fame?

10. Do you follow any sports, team, club or a person? Why this love started?

11. Did you like coming to this blog? And will you visit again?


Enjoy the awards. And yes keep blogging.

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