Strange Random Rambling..Stay Away from It


My hands were itching. I was having that restless urge. My fingers went to the keyboard many a times but after a few seconds; I realize it was a false start. And I came back to where I was- to square one. But I bloody needed to write.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, it is my blog. I wanted to scribble something in there, just to make a new blog entry. It has been since one month when I last wrote and I need to be regular. But I can’t write anything. It has to make sense.

Why am I in this dilemma? I don’t know. May be I am out of sorts. May be I have too many topics with me but no content to fill it. I won’t write a 200 word post. It will be a well knitted effort.

Did you ask what the false starts were? Read on.

1. I thought about writing how much the roads fascinate me. I have always loved travelling and by road is my favorite mode. And if I am going somewhere on the hills, the journey becomes more fascinating. The curves and the bends never cease to thrill me. It is not about driving fast or insanely, it is about savoring the beauty of the landscape. Unfortunately, I could not gather enough thoughts to make it in a full-fledged article and have to stop midway.

2. Next came to my mind was describing ‘heroes’. For an average Indian child, the first definition of a hero is a film actor. The hero can love, dance, kill, jump, run- he can do everything perfectly. I too grew up with the same notion. But as I learned the ways of the world, the definition of the hero has changed for me. I consider hero to be a one who has gone against adversaries to succeed and fame. There are many more unsung heroes in this world (you may not believe but for some people around you, you are one of those heroes) but the one reach the ultimate fame; I admire them. While writing, I stopped here. There weren’t just enough ideas.

3. Another thought popped into my head was if I can write about something from Bollywood. I have always been fascinated with Indian cinema, the larger than life scenes; the Spiderman-esque antics by normal human beings. And one thing that has always puzzled me is that ‘the girl with whom you are in love with in your childhood, will turn out to be the most beautiful in the entire city.’ How our filmmakers manage to make it happen every time, I am sure I won’t be able to make that out till the end of this world. The sad part is that even this so-full-of-potential failed to give me something to build upon.

Now, when I see back, it feels heartened that I have managed to crib for 500 words. This has to be one of the best random ramblings of mine.

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