Ultimately We All Want to Leave Our Mark

leave your mark

An year ago, there was an advertisement of Tata Steel being showed on television where the research head of Tata Steel starts with the line- “Ultimately, we all want to leave our mark.”

This ad is no more displayed on television now. But this line has made such an impact on me that I just cannot help but to think about it. And I do not hesitate in admitting that this blog is an endeavor to achieve the same.

I always treat life as a precious gift which is meant to be enjoyed. That does not mean that I have not seen lows in my life. I had, some of them were too bad and this life looked like a punishment at that moment. I have had feelings of running away from home and worse than that. But today, when I see it in a broader perspective, counting all the pluses and minuses, the former outscores the latter by huge margin. I have a wonderful family, some usual gossip loving relatives and amazing friends. All I need to do is to prove myself that I am worth all this and if by writing I can acknowledge the gains of my life, then here I am.

So, does it make sense that we should waste this gift? Not at all. Living a life where not many know you is not the right way. We all have talents, the difference is some know it and some not. The ones who know and make full use of it are famous and recognized while others are still trying to connect the dots of life.

I believe that everyone has a mantra of life. A quote or sentence that changes our way of thinking, the manner in which we look at things. I too believe in some lines that help me remain positive and passionate in the adverse situations. One of them is the title of the post. Also- Aspire to Inspire before you Expire. Rest will be revealed as we go ahead.

As you can see, we have just started and have no idea about what lies ahead. I am not a big fan of planning (read- I am very bad at planning) and believe that spontaneity fetches you better results sometimes. Your comments are the fuel that will motivate me to keep going in the right direction. So, do not hesitate to comment here.

And remember, before you go, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE LEFT YOUR MARK.

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